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Sleep is multilayered and multifaceted, so we must look at the entire picture of what’s affecting our children’s sleep in order to have long-term success. Sari uses her training in pediatric sleep, lactation, and behavior—along with her experience with more than 100 families—to provide you and your child with an individualized, comprehensive, and unique approach to sleep.

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Sleep can feel so triggering. Let’s change that.

The 5 C’s: Tools Every Parent Needs To Improve Their Child’s Sleep

The phrase "sleep training" has a bad reputation. For starters, parents don't love the association between the words "training" and "babies." Sleep training has also been linked to the "cry it out" method, which—rightfully so—sounds frightening. Great News: there are a lot of supportive and gentle things you can do to help a child learn to fall asleep independently. Whether your child is 5 weeks old or 5 years old, there are five tools that you can apply to make sleep feel better in your home. Let me break this all down for you…

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