Virtual Sleep Program
4 months to 3 years

Infant and Toddler

In just two weeks, we can make sleep feel good in your home. I’ll help you conquer bedtime struggles, overnight wakings, early morning wakings, inconsistent naps, and sleep transition, to name just a few common sleep issues. Together, we’ll come up with a thoughtful and personalized plan that works for you and your child. Sleep doesn’t have to feel overwhelming anymore.

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Virtual Sleep Program
3 years to 6 years

The Little Kid

Nighttime can bring up all sorts of big feelings and emotions for little kids. Independence, fears, and separation anxiety can cause the night to feel overwhelming and sometimes scary. We can conquer sleep issues like bedtime struggles, overnight wakings, nap transition, and moving to a big-kid bed. In just two weeks, I’ll help you transform terrors and tantrums into healthy habits, making sleep feel really good—for everyone.

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Sleep Guide
Newborn to 3 months old


Whether you’re brand-new to this parenting thing or just looking for an easier way to get some sleep this time around, The Newborn Sleep Guide will help you get your baby on the path to great sleep from the start. It includes a 13-page Newborn Sleep Plan, plus a one-hour video call with Sari.

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one-hour video call
For past clients only

The Tune Up Call

$185 USD

Need a quick refresher or looking for advice on things like crib-to-bed transition, sibling room sharing, or nap transitions? I’ve got you.

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Hi, I'm Sari Broda, a Certified Child Sleep Consultant on a mission to help you feel confident about your child's sleep. I educate, support, and provide you with the tools you need to feel equipped and in control of your baby's sleep and more. I’m also a Certified Lactation Counselor and a Child Behavior Specialist, allowing me to provide you and your little ones with a very personalized, holistic, and unique approach to sleep. If you're a parent of a 0 to 6 year old and are struggling with sleep, I’m here for you!

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